Slug Barrier 25 x 100cm | Slug repellent

High-quality Slug Barrier made of galvanised sheet steel 25 cm x 100 cm Snail repellent

Snails can prove to be a real nuisance and can sometimes cause enormous damage in the garden. To reliably protect your plants from snails, our metal Slug Barrier is the perfect choice. The robust slug protection does not require any chemical substances to combat slugs and at the same time proves to be extremely effective in repelling slugs.

The most important advantages of our Slug Barrier at a glance:

●   Slug Barrier made of galvanised sheet steel

●     Wide roof section for effective protection

●     Particularly stable thanks to stiffening edge

●     Fittingly interlocking elements of the same size

●     Easy assembly possible without special tools

●     Flexible connection thanks to Fast-Fix system

●     Permanent slug protection for your beds

●     No slug pellets required for slug control

Our proven solution to your slug problem

Our metal slug fence is made from a high quality and durable aluminium-zinc alloy. This ensures a high level of stability and good weather resistance.

The snail fence is 25 centimeters high, which in combination with the wide, curved roof section ensures optimum protection against snails. The length of the individual elements is 100 centimeters and the weight is 1 kilogram, so that our 0.5 millimetre thick metal Slug Barrier can also be easily installed on its own.

Robust materials for a long-lasting Slug Barrier

Slug Barriers are now available in very different designs made of various materials. In addition to metal, these also include plastics such as PVC. Such products attract prospective customers with low prices, but in practice this is only advantageous at first glance and usually turns out to be a bad investment quite quickly.

With our metal Slug Barrier, you are choosing a high-quality product. The elements made of an aluminium-zinc alloy convince with a long service life. The material changes colour very little and is also extremely scratch-resistant.

While Slug Barriers made of PVC can be damaged very easily and therefore need to be replaced quickly, this is not the case with our metal Slug Barrier thanks to the special, rust-free aluminium-zinc alloy. You can therefore be sure that your metal Slug Barrier will help you keep snails out of your lovingly tended beds for many years to come.

How does a metal Slug Barrier work?

Even though snails move very slowly, they prove to be extremely capable climbers that can easily overcome heights of several metres on the right surface. In order to prevent snails from entering beds with a snail fence, the correct construction of the barrier is therefore crucial.

Our metal Slug Barrier has a large roof section that prevents it from being climbed over by snails. Once installed, it is virtually impossible for slugs to enter the bed. With its curved outer edges, the slug fence provides effective and durable protection that requires no further work on your part. After installation, you can therefore be sure that your sensitive plants are optimally protected from snails by the Slug Barrier.

How is a metal Slug Barrier installed?

Our Fast-Fix system enables you to install it easily and flexibly, for which you do not need any special tools. The individual elements of the Slug Barrier are very easy to connect and fix together. Of course, you will receive easy-to-understand assembly instructions from us, from which you can see the steps required for the assembly of your Slug Barrier.

It is best to order the matching corner elements for the assembly of your Slug Barrier directly. If necessary, you can also find suitable ground anchors in our shop, with which you can give your slug fence additional stability and improve its hold in the ground.

Why we do not recommend the use of slug pellets

Many hobby gardeners still rely on slug pellets for slug control. This is a poison that kills the slugs after they have eaten it. At first glance, the use of slug pellets may seem quite sensible. However, it has a number of disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Slug pellets can, among other things, lead to the attraction of more slugs and thus even increase the slug problem in your garden. Apart from that, slug pellets pose a significant risk not only to pests but also to other animals. For example, animals that eat slugs poisoned with slug pellets can also die.

Furthermore , slug pellets applied in the garden can also be dangerous for pets and even humans. If you have children or a dog or cat, you should therefore avoid this form of slug control in any case.

With a high-quality metal slug fence, on the other hand, you can effectively protect your beds from the annoying pests without having to put up with the disadvantages of chemical slug control products.

Buy metal snail fence 25 cm x 100 cm online

If you want to permanently prevent snail infestation of your plants, you are exactly right with our metal Slug Barrier. Order the required number of individual elements as well as matching accessories such as corners directly in our online shop.

We will deliver your purchase quickly and reliably to your desired address so that you can soon start installing your Slug Barrier in the garden. It's best to see for yourself. We are sure that you will be delighted with the quality and effectiveness of our Slug Barrier made of robust metal.

Slug Barrier made of galvanised sheet steel 25cm x 100cm

Mass/Size : 100 cm x 25 cm x 0.5 mm

Installation length: approx. 100 cm

Weight : 1 kg

Roof area: 7 cm

Art.-ID 453595
Zustand New
Hersteller Green-Split
Herstellungsland Germany
Inhalt 1 piece
Gewicht 1330 g
Maße 1000×250×75mm


Slug Barrier 25 x 100cm | Slug repellent

Artikelnummer SZ-25-100

Hersteller: Green-Split

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