Corner for Lawn Edging Exclusive Part 2 8x8x14.8 cm | Lawn Edging | Garden edging

The 25 centimetre high Slug Barrier corner has a 90В° angle and fits perfectly with our metal side elements. Our practical Fast-Fix system makes it easy to connect the corners to the side elements of the Slug Barrier.

Metal Slug Barrier corners for optimum protection

Our metal Slug Barrier has a wide roof section that makes it virtually impossible for snails to climb over the fence. In order to reliably protect your beds and thus the plants in them, it is of course necessary to provide them completely with a fence.

In addition to appropriate side parts, matching corners are therefore indispensable. Our Slug Barrier corners can be very easily connected to the other fence elements. Expensive special tools are not required.

The combination of Slug Barrier and corners ensures that your beds are reliably protected from snails and that vegetables and other sensitive plants no longer fall victim to the voracious pests.

Rust-free and durable Slug Barrier corners

Just like the side parts, the corners of our Slug Barrier are also made of a special aluminium-zinc alloy. The material is rustproof and robust. You can therefore be sure that your Slug Barrier and its corners will serve their purpose for a long time.

The most important advantages of our metal Slug Barrier corners at a glance:

●     Durable and rust-free thanks to aluminium-zinc alloy

●     Suitable size for our metal Slug Barrier

●     Additional stability thanks to stiffening edge

●     Uncomplicated to fit without special tools

●     High-quality appearance

●     For lasting snail protection without chemicals

Buy metal snail fence corners

In our online shop you can order your Slug Barrier and matching corners in the quantity you need. Thanks to our clear assembly instructions and the Fast-Fix system, the fence is easy to assemble. You can therefore be sure that you can optimally protect your beds from slug infestation without much effort and thus avoid the use of toxic slug pellets in the future.

Art.-ID 453733
Zustand New
Hersteller Green-Split
Herstellungsland Germany
Inhalt 1 piece
Gewicht 1000 g
Maße 1000×25×0mm


Corner for Lawn Edging Exclusive Part 2 8x8x14.8 cm | Lawn Edging | Garden edging

Artikelnummer Ec-Ex-T2

Hersteller: Green-Split

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