Lawn Edging | Garden edging | Plastic Lawn Edging 6cm x 1m

With our Plastic Lawn edging   garden owners opt for an inexpensive yet high-quality product. The long elements of one metre are 60 millimetres high and 80 millimetres wide and made of durable PE.

The most important advantages of our plastic lawn edging at a glance:

  • Ideal as edging for paths, patios, lawns, flower beds and other areas

  • Easy installation due to practical longitudinal joint fasteners

  • Exact laying thanks to integrated measuring scale

  • Round top edge suitable as mowing edge

  • Elastic material for flexible mouldability

  • temperature resistance

  • With integrated stretch zones

  • Matching accessories such as ground anchors available separately in the shop

Lawn Edgings belong to every garden

Lawn Edgings ensure that grass cannot spread uncontrollably in beds adjacent to them and that the growth of flowers and other plants is restricted to the areas intended for it.

In addition , lawn and bed borders also contribute significantly to the general appearance of the garden. They help to visually separate individual garden areas and thus create a clear structure.

Practical plastic lawn edgings

Our plastic lawn edgings impress with their high stability. They also have integrated sleeves that can be used to hold pipes, for example, as well as fastening options for ground anchors, which you can also find in our shop if required.

Our plastic lawn edgings are quickly installed

Our plastic lawn edgings score points not only for their good quality, but also for their extremely easy handling. The individual elements are very easy to attach to each other thanks to their sturdy longitudinal fasteners, so that you can easily lay a continuous lawn edging of the desired length.

Of course, the lawn edgings are sufficiently flexible to create round lawn and bed boundaries in addition to straight ones. This is practical, for example, if you want to surround trees on your lawn with a Lawn Edging.

Buy plastic Lawn Edgings online

Order your plastic Lawn Edgings directly from our shop and rely on a high-quality and easy-to-install solution for the borders of your beds and lawn.

The black plastic blends inconspicuously into the overall appearance of your garden and the robust material ensures that you can rely on a long service life for your new Lawn Edgings.

  • height: 60 mm

  • width 80 mm

  • length: 1 m

  • material: PE

  • colours: black

Art.-ID 453747
Zustand New
Hersteller Green-Split
Herstellungsland Germany
Inhalt 1 meter
Gewicht 550 g
Maße 1000×60×80mm


Plastic Lawn Edging 6cm x 1m | Garden edging

Artikelnummer Pl-60

Hersteller: Green-Split

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Inhalt 1 meter
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