Lawnmower shed | Robotic Lawn Mower Storage with metal roof grey

Height- 40cm. Length- 70 cm. Width- 70 cm

COMPATIBLE: Perfectly suitable for all popular robotic mower models. The robotic mower roof offers protection for robots from Gardena, Husqvarna Automower, Robomow, Bosch and many other top brands in the gardening world.

  • GARDENA Robot Mower SILENO minimo

  • Bosch robotic lawnmower Indego S+

  • Bosch Indego XS

  • Einhell Robot Mower FREELEXO 500 BT Power X-Change

  • YARD FORCE Robot Mower X80i

  • WORX Landroid L WR153E

  • WORX Landroid M WR142E

  • LANDXCAPE Mowing Robot LX790i 

Robot mowers have long become an indispensable lawn care tool for many garden owners. In countless gardens, they ensure that the lawn is always the perfect length and virtually eliminate the workload associated with using a classic lawn mower.

Our robotic Lawn Mower Storage with metal roof is perfect for safely storing your industrious garden helper after mowing and avoiding possible damage caused by storms.

The advantages of our robotic Lawn Mower Storage with metal roof at a glance:

  • The shelter provides shade so that the battery does not overheat due to excessive sunlight.

  • The garage protects your robotic lawnmower from rain or hail during storms.

  • The robotic Lawn Mower Storage also serves as moisture protection for the charging station, significantly reducing the risk of short circuits.

  • By using the shelter, you make a decisive contribution to ensuring that your robotic lawnmower performs its task for as long as possible.

  • High-quality materials and three side walls ensure a long service life and optimum protection for your robotic lawnmower.

  • Thanks to its grey colour, the shelter blends inconspicuously into the overall appearance of your garden.

Robot Lawn Mower Storage with metal roof to protect the robotic lawnmower

As practical as robotic mowers are, they are also expensive. After all, a high-quality device can quickly cost more than 500 euros. It is therefore in the interest of most hobby gardeners to protect their investment as well as possible and thus ensure a long life for the robotic lawnmower.

With our robotic Lawn Mower Storage with metal roof, you can do this particularly reliably. The shelter measures 70 x 70 x 40 centimeters and fits perfectly into any garden design due to its grey colour.

Metal makes our robotic mower garage weatherproof

Of course, it is important that the shelter for your robotic lawnmower is made of high-quality and weather-resistant materials. With our robotic Lawn Mower Storage with metal roof, you can be sure that this is exactly the case.

Because the robust metal construction is extremely resistant and reliably withstands weather influences such as heat and heavy rain, so you can be sure of a long service life for your robotic Lawn Mower Storage.

Three side panels protect your robotic mower

Some robotic Lawn Mower Storages only consist of a roof and a back wall. This makes it easier for the robotic lawnmower to drive into its shelter. At the same time, however, the lack of side walls means that the device is only partially protected.

For this reason, our garage with metal roof has three stable side walls and only has an opening at the front through which the robotic lawnmower can drive in.

Buy robotic mower garage with metal roof online for cheap

Buy our robotic Lawn Mower Storage with metal roof directly online and ensure that your robotic lawnmower is optimally protected from the weather in the future. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, you can be sure that the shelter will have a long service life and reliably fulfil its function for many years to come.

Weight- 6.4Kg

SIZE: 70 x 70 x 40 cm


Art.-ID 453924
Zustand New
Hersteller Green-Split
Herstellungsland Germany
Inhalt 1 piece
Gewicht 6400 g
Maße 700×400×40mm


Robotic Lawn Mower Storage with metal roof grey | Lawnmower shed

Artikelnummer Rb-Grau-metal

Hersteller: Green-Split

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Inhalt 1 piece
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